What’s My Deal

You have worked very hard on getting to where you are right now and have spent a lot of time and energy looking for various answers. You can’t be expected to know everything (despite what it seems like others are doing).

But you also might not think your questions deserve a full consultation. So why not go ask your dad (that’s me, Dustin)?

What I Can Do

My goal is to help support you with the statistical, methodological and R related questions. This can be a simple conversation just wanting to know about different packages in R, or what workflows for data collection may be best. It could also be me looking at your code, or teaching about a new technique!

I aim to:

I love talking about ways to improve research practices, statistical analyses and above all else help support those who want to learn!!

My area of focus (“expertise” sounds too real) includes using R, RMarkdown (making reproducible documents), Qualtrics, Open Science practices, Statistical Methods, Structural Equation Modeling, and evaluating your workflow to make things more efficient.

I won’t:

What’s the Process?

Take a look at the Menu below to see what you might need, then send me an email! Introduce yourself, let me know what your question is and what you are hoping to get out of our interaction. After reviewing your request, I will let you know about next steps. If I am not the one to help, I will try to put you in touch with others or resources that could be helpful (and refund your payment).


Here are some things that I have to offer right now: (After writing this, I realized I like coffee and breakfast a lot)

When in doubt, just reach out. I want to be helpful and supportive. Discounted services for graduate students are likely!

What’s Next?

Please feel free to reach out with any types of questions or comments about the process or what I can do to help. My goal is to make you do a better job at the things you want to do! I’m here to support and encourage your growth like a research dad. I am so excited to get to work with you!

Send me a message! Follow me on Twitter: @DustinHaraden


Instead of listening to me talk about what I do, here are some testimonials from those I’ve worked with before:

Dustin is not only incredibly smart and savvy with R, but also equally kind and approachable! I spent months trying to teach myself how to run a particular analysis, and it took only an email exchange for him to explain it all and answer the myriad of questions I had that I could find no solution to elsewhere. His responses are prompt, thorough, and clear [not to mention beautifully organized!]. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking for R insights with a super friendly and warm delivery! -Joanne Raptis, Predoctoral Intern

A special thank you to Chelsea Parlett Pelleriti and her wonderful work with The Chatistician for inspiring me to do something similar.